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Garrotxa de Sant Gil d’Albió

Garrotxa de Sant Gil d’Albió

Queso de piel enmohecida, textura suave y cata aromática y elegante.

Made from pasteurized goat milk, enzymatic curd and slightly acidic. Pressed and a bit salty, it is characterized by 6 weeks maturation. During this period of time, a fungus which grows on the bark, the grey penicillium, neutralizes its acidity, making it sweeter and giving it a touch of cellar.

This process produces a semi matured cheese with a creamy texture. Lightly salted and with a touch of acidity, its flavor is mild and equilibrated, reminding us the smell of the nuts. The Garrotxa cheese, in a rustic appearance, is sold with a moldy bark.

Sant Gil d’Albió is very versatile and gives very good results in cheese platters and in culinary applications. It is enjoyed both by children and adults.

Balance, elegance and personality, three defining characteristics of a goat cheese recognized both in national and international market.


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